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1987-  Fredrik Thordendal - guitars, synthesizers, backing vocals
1987-1992  Jens Kidman - guitars, vocals
› 1992-  -//- vocals
1989-  Tomas Haake - drums, spoken words
1992-  Mårten Hagström - guitars, backing vocals
2004-  Dick Lövgren - bass
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1987-1989  Niklas Lundgren - drums
1987-1995  Peter Nordin - bass, backing vocals
1998-2001  Gustaf Hielm - bass
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1995-1998  Gustaf Hielm - bass
1995-1998  Gustaf Hielm - bass
2017  Per Nilsson - guitars

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Vildhjarta ended 10 years of silence with last year’s Måsstaden Under Vatten; however, just after the apprentice has made a comeback, the master returns.
Review by musclassia ››
Call it whatever you want, math metal, technical death metal, whatever else you can think of to call this kind of music - but Meshuggah are back in fine form with another album of skull crushing metal. Meshuggah are as heavy as ever before, for anyone...
Review by Baz Anderson ››
Meshuggah were not always the djent-inspiring band they have come to known as; here in their nascent early days the band sounded a lot different and... a lot better.
Review by omne metallum ››

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