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Jens Kidman


1987-1992 Meshuggah - guitars, vocals  
1992- Meshuggah - vocals  

Guest musician

2003 Mushroomhead - vocals  
2007 Nocturnal Rites - vocals  
2010 Scarpoint - vocals  
2023 Holy Moses - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 08.06.1966


Anthony "Jens" Kidman (born June 8, 1966 in Sweden) is the lead vocalist for the Swedish heavy metal band Meshuggah. Attended Downers Grove North High School in Downers Grove, IL as a foreign exchange student.

When Kidman and bandmate/lead guitarist Fredrik Thordendal first created Meshuggah, he originally handled both guitar and vocal duties. He later abandoned the guitar to focus solely on his vocal talents, though he contributed to guitar, bass, and drum programming on the band's 2005 studio album Catch Thirtythree. His vocal style is mostly harsh guttural screams and shouts. Jens works with the rest of the band to make sure that his vocals take on an almost rhythmic quality when set to the music, as they map out each syllable almost as if his voice was a percussion instrument. The only time he is heard singing clean vocals is on the song "Ritual" on the None EP. Kidman also delivers the occasional double tracked vocal. He has contributed lyrics for Meshuggah, for example on the tracks "Terminal Illusions" and "Suffer in Truth" from the Destroy Erase Improve album.

He also contributed vocals on the track "The Dream Is Over" from the album XIII by the American alternative metal band Mushroomhead.

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