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Nocturnal Rites


1990-  Fredrik Mannberg - guitars
1990-  Nils Eriksson - bass
1999-  Owe Lingvall - drums
2000-  Jonny Lindqvist - vocals
2017-  Per Nilsson - guitars
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1990-1991  Tommy Eriksson - drums
1991-1996  Mikael Söderström - guitars
1991-1999  Ulf Andersson - drums
1993-2000  Anders Zackrisson - vocals
1996-2008  Nils Norberg - guitars
2010-2012  Chris Rörland - guitars
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1999-2003  Mattias Bernhardsson - keyboards
2004-  Henrik Kjellberg - keyboards
2002  Lawrence Mackrory - backing vocals
2005  Kristoffer Olivius - vocals
2005  Henrik Danhage - guitar solo
2005  Jens Johansson - keyboard solo
2005  Emil Norberg - guitars
2007  Jens Kidman - vocals

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Only a year and a half after the release of the spending "New World Messiah", Sweden's best (probably the worlds best) Heavy/Power Metal band Nocturnal Rites returns with their seventh full-length album "Grand Illusion".
An album...
Review by Malcolm ››
Sweden's number one Heavy/Power Metal band today is, without doubts, Umeå's Nocturnal Rites, and last year they released their sixth full-length since the debut in 1995. And this year they're celebrating their tenth anniversary since...
Review by Malcolm ››
When it comes to Heavy Metal, there is one band that I always had as my favourite, I know many say Power Metal, and I'm not saying against you, even if I choose to call it Heavy Metal.
It's Nocturnal Rites I'm talking about, and now they...
Review by Malcolm ››

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