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Stuart "Stu" Block


2005-2013 Into Eternity - vocals  
2011-2021 Iced Earth - vocals  
2021- Into Eternity - vocals  

Studio musician

2022 Annihilator - vocals  
2022 The Midgard Project - vocals  

Guest musician

2018 Into Eternity - vocals  
2021 Limuria - vocals (as Stu Block)  
2021 Bryan Eckermann - vocals  
2021 Serpent Lord (GR) - vocals  
2021 Wreck-Defy - vocals  
2021-2022 Kaptain Kollnot - vocals  


24.02.2012 Iced Earth

Personal information

Born on: 26.11.1977

Stuart Block is a Canadian musician from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Commonly known as Stuie.B, or simply, Stu, he is the current vocalist for progressive/melodic death metal band Into Eternity and the former singer for melodic death metal band, Omega Crom. He is known for his versatility in range and vocal styles in Into Eternity. He has a large vocal range, utilizing styles from death growls to higher raspier shrieks which are common in black metal, and melodic power metal-like vocals. He replaced Chris Krall as the lead vocalist for Into Eternity. He is also known for his very high falsetto range.

After the release of The Scattering of Ashes, he posted a video of himself, entitled "Nothing Vocal Lesson", singing to clips of the song Pain Through Breathing. Despite its title, he says the video was never intended to be an actual vocal lesson. The video, in his words, was intended to "show [people] I can do [these vocals] live with no effects". He stated, in the same interview, that he would like to make a real vocal lesson on video.

On March 16, 2011, Stu Block was named as the new singer for American heavy metal band Iced Earth.