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Into Eternity


1997-  Tim Roth - guitars, vocals
2005-  Troy Bleich - bass
2005-2013  Stuart "Stu" Block - vocals
› 2021-  -//-
2011-  Bryan Newbury - drums
2013-  Amanda "The Wench" Kiernan - vocals
2014-  Matt Cuthbertson - guitars
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1997-2006  Jim Austin - drums
2001  Daniel Nargang - guitars, vocals
2003-2005  Rob Doherty - guitar
2003-2005  Chris Krall - vocals
2004-2006  Adam Sagan - drums
2006-2011  Steve Bolognese - drums
2006-2014  Justin Bender - guitars
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2008  Sean Maier - guitar
2012-2013  Amanda "The Wench" Kiernan - vocals
2011  Rob Doherty - vocals
› 2012  -//-
2018  Stuart "Stu" Block - vocals
2018  Glen Drover - guitars

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Today we will talk about the second opus of the Megadeth Gigantour. Recorded in 2006, this DVD features all the bands which have played with Megadeth during this amazing world tour. The DVD is not perfect and I will let you know why later but all in all...
Review by Jeff ››
Into Eternity previous album, "Buried Into Oblivion" shocked listeners throughout the world for its originality, being a real patchwork of Progressive, Melodic Death, Power, and what not. This insanely talented Canadian band is back in full...
Review by Dream Taster ››
This is a complete surprise, and one of the greatest surprises of the year! Century Media pulled this one out of nowhere and damn what a fantastic release, I must say that I'm not familiar with previous releases of Into Eternity, and if you're...
Review by Undercraft ››

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