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Symphony X


1994-  Michael Romeo - guitars
1994-  Michael Pinnella - keyboards
1994-1998  Jason Rullo - drums
› 2000-  -//-
1995-  Russell Allen - vocals
1999-  Mike LePond - bass
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1994  Rod Tyler - vocals
1994-1998  Thomas Miller - bass
1998-2000  Thomas Walling - drums
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2013  John Macaluso - drums

Latest reviews

After 4 years of waiting since the release of Iconoclast, Symphony X return with Underworld, an album that may divide fans of the band depending on the expectations placed on this 9th studio effort.
Review by Belegûr ››
After a run of hugely successful albums, Symphony X have the expectations of the world on them for the release of album number eight, a concept album on man's growing reliance on technology; Iconoclast. A trademark crushing Michael Romeo riff opens...
Review by Baz Anderson ››
Five years my friends, we had to wait five really long years to have the luck to finally listen to the new Symphony X. The band promised something great and "heavy", I can tell you that they didn't lie to their fans because "Paradise...
Review by Jeff ››
Here it is! The new Symphony X opus has finally been released! After the live album Live On The Edge Of Forever, The Odyssey is finally in my hands. First thing to be noticed: the artwork is excellent with a complete booklet including pictures of the...
Review by Dream Taster ››

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