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Michael Romeo

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Country: USA
Label: Inside Out Music

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Formed in: 1992
Hiatus: 1996-2017

1992-Progressive metal
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1992-1994  Michael Romeo - guitars, bass, synthesizers, keyboards, drum programming
› 2017-  -//- guitars, keyboards, orchestrations
2018-  John Macaluso - drums
2018-  John "J.D." DeServio - bass
2018  Rick Castellano - vocals
2022-  Dino Jelusić - vocals
1994  Michael Pinnella - keyboards
› 2022  -//- piano
2018  Sciatica - synthesizer

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Guitar virtuoso Michael Romeo took advantage of the hiatus his main band Symphony X seems to be under, and decided to write music for a solo project. But he got a little carried away and what he wrote was enough to fill two albums, hence we have the two parts of War Of The Worlds. The first one (which we despicably failed to review) came out in 2018, and the second one (which does get a -much deserved- review) was finally released in March 2022, even though it had been ready a long time before that.
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