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Michael Pinnella


1994- Symphony X - keyboards  
2004- Michael Pinnella - piano, keyboards  

Studio musician

2003-2004 God Forbid - keyboards  
2004-2005 Russell Allen - piano  

Guest musician

1994 Michael Romeo - keyboards  
1998 Whiplash - keyboards  
2009 God Forbid - keyboards  
2014 Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - vocals  
2017 Dark Sky Choir - keyboards  
2018-2020 Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - organ, piano, backing vocals  
2022 Michael Romeo - piano  

Personal information

Born on: 29.08.1969


Pinnella was born on Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey and was encouraged since childhood to follow music. When he was 4 years old, he started taking piano lessons. He was heavily influenced by classic composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach.

When he was about 11 years old, he started to practice more seriously. Later in his youth, he was impressed by Yngwie Malmsteen and asked his parents to buy him a keyboard. When he got into college, he studied piano performance, theory and composition, and other musical courses. Other influences came from progressive/metal bands from the 70s (Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Deep Purple) and from the 80s (Black Sabbath, DIO, Ozzy Osbourne).

When Pinnella finished college, he started teaching piano in a music store. One of the fellow teachers at the store was friends with Michael Romeo from Symphony X. In 1994, he was hired by the band as a keyboardist.

He is currently working at the Guitar Center in East Brunswick, NJ when not touring or recording. He is a Christian and also plays piano in his church.