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Håkon Didriksen


1997-2016 Abyssic - vocals, bass, contrabass (as Memnoch)  
1998-2019 Susperia - bass (as Memnock)  
1999-2001 Old Man's Child - bass  
2016- Abyssic - vocals, contrabass (as Memnoch)  
2017- Antiqva - bass, contrabass (as Memnock)  

Personal information

Also known as: Memnock
Born on: 02.02.1974

Memnock (born February 2, 1974, real name Håkon Didriksen) is a bassist best known for playing in the Norwegian Extreme Metal band Susperia. He has been playing bass since early 1990 and started with a cheap Cort. He then bought a Rickenbacker 4001 ATM(L) and had this for many years as his favorite instrument. He lives in the small town of Jessheim, north of Oslo.