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John Macaluso


1990 Powermad - drums  
1990-1994 TNT - drums  
1990-2011 Ark - drums  
1995-1997 Riot - drums  
1999-2001 Yngwie Malmsteen - drums  
2000-2001 Jorn - drums  
2004-2006 Masterlast - drums  
2004-2007 MCM - drums  
2005- Vitalij Kuprij - drums  
2005- Starbreaker - drums  
2007- John Macaluso & Union Radio - drums, vocals  
2007-2011 Fool's Game - drums  
2011- HolyHell - drums  
2012- Artlantica - drums  
2012 Unwritten Pages - drums  
2012-2013 Mastercastle - drums  
2013-2019 Stone Leaders - drums  
2016-2019 Labyrinth - drums  

Studio musician

2006 Magni Animi Viri - drums  
2008 Chris Caffery - drums  
2010 Mistheria - drums  
2015 Antonello Giliberto - drums  
2015-2016 Bastian - drums  
2017 Mistheria - drums  
2018- Michael Romeo - drums  
2018 Tomorrow's Eve - drums  
2021 Drac Attack! - drums  

Live musician

2004 Lynch Mob - drums  
2005 James LaBrie - drums  
2011- HolyHell - drums  
2013 Symphony X - drums  

Guest musician

1997 TNT - drums  
2004 Mistheria - drums  
2007 Jorn - drums  
2010 Creation's End - keyboards  
2013 Simone Fiorletta - drums  
2016 Vivaldi Metal Project - drums  
2017 Eternal Flight - drums  
2018 Amoriello - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 30.06.1968

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John Macaluso is an American drummer born in 1968, who has played for Ark, TNT, Yngwie J. Malmsteen among others. Born in Commack, New York, John started playing drums at age 11. Now having recorded over 200 records and playing on multiple world tours, John continues to write and record music, perform live, do clinics and teach.


John began his studies with his friend and mentor, Joe Fanco (Good Rats), who John says, "his playing and teaching changed my life". He later began instruction with under the wing of Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs), Dom Famularo and Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy Ozbourne). At the ambitious age of 18, John leaves his hometown for California to attend the Percussion Institute of Technology. It was here that he studied under Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa), Casey Schuerelle, and Joey Heredia. This is where John says "My passion with odd times and rhythms and understanding them began". That same year, John was hired for his first tour as well as recording with guitarist Paul Hansen in Germany.

Early career

Soon after John's first recording session, he would go on to meet guitarist, Alex Masi, who is now a long time friend. John and Alex have toured and recorded together since 1987 and are still at it to this day. John appears on several of Alex's solo records, such as Vertical Invader and the writing collaboration Late Nights At Deserts Rim Rock. The two would then go on to record with bassist Randy Coven to form the trio MCM, Masi, Coven, Macaluso. MCM released the critically acclaimed album, Ritual Factory and its live counterpart, MCM Live 1900 Hard Times.

John joins Powermad in the late 1980s and releases Absolute Power on Warner Bros. Records. Movie director David Lynch had come across Absolute Power while writing the Nicolas Cage film, Wild at Heart. Lynch enjoyed the album so much that he then decides to feature the track Slaughter House in one scene of the movie. Powermad was flown to California and John Macaluso makes his motion picture debut in two scenes with actors Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern. Wild at Heart went on to win the Cannes Film Festival First Place Prize. After touring for almost a year straight, John would end his tenure with Powermad and join the Norwegian based juggernaut, TNT.

The main riff of the Powermad song Slaughterhouse was also featured as the backing track of an animated self-promotional ad frequently running on European MTV in the early 1990s.

John records two albums with TNT (one live, One studio) and tours around the globe until the band's demise in 1992. Shortly thereafter, John returns to New York to join Riot, replacing Bobby Jarzombek (Rob Halford). Riot tours extensively, spanning Europe, Japan and the United States on several occasions. It was not long before Riot has John appear on The Brethren of the Long House. It was at this point where John would close the book on his run with Riot while discovering a phenomenal Norwegian guitar player.