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2008-  Pierangelo "Pier" Gonella - guitars
2008-  Giorgia Gueglio - vocals
2008-  Steve Vawamas - bass
2017-  Alessio Spallarossa - drums
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2009-2012  Alessandro Bissa - drums
2012-2013  John Macaluso - drums
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2008  Alessandro Bissa - drums
2012-  Francesco La Rosa - drums
2013  Roberto "Rob" Tiranti - vocals
2013  Claudio Galbiato - vocals
2014  Andrea De Paoli - keyboards
2022  Fabio Lione - vocals

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Mastercastle have been toiling away like a band of industrial German octopuses, this being their fifth album in six years. Impressive, granted, but like a multi-story minefield, sometimes too much of a questionable thing can blow up in your face.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
In the world of metal there are basically three different ways an album can suck. The first way is describing something as nu metal (or metalcore) - all "true metalheads" will instantly hate it and proclaim that it isn't really metal at...   Review by Bas ››

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