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Scar Symmetry


2004-  Henrik Ohlsson - drums
2004-  Per Nilsson - guitars
2008-  Lars Jonas Palmqvist - vocals
2008-  Roberth "Robban" Karlsson - vocals
2015-  Benjamin "Ben" Ellis - guitars
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2004-2008  Christian Älvestam - vocals
2004-2013  Jonas Kjellgren - guitars
2004-2015  Kenneth Seil - bass
2017-2019  Andreas Holma - bass
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2012-2015  Fredrik Groth - guitars, bass
2015-NA  Andreas Silén - bass

Latest reviews

Kalmah had a triumphant return last month after a lengthy 5-year wait, only to be immediately upstaged by Scar Symmetry’s comeback after 9 years.
Review by musclassia ››
So this is it, Scar Symmetry's second release without Christian Älvestam. Two albums in two years makes for a great opportunity to move on from the past and make yourself known to the metal community as a force to be reckoned with regardless...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Throughout the history of Rock there have many bands that have lost their amazing lead vocalist and replaced him (or her) while continuing to be successful. Van Halen did it. AC/DC did it. Genesis did it. Black Sabbath did it. Can Scar Symmetry do it?...
Review by Dane Train ››

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