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Bloodshot Dawn

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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 2003

2003-Melodic death metal


2003-  Josh McMorran - guitars, vocals
2016-  Morgan Reid - guitar
2017-  Giacomo Gastaldi - bass
2017-  James Stewart - drums
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2003-2006  Nick Bennett - drums
2003-2007  Daniel Gaylard - bass
2003-2009  James Taylor - guitars
2006-2013  Doug Anderson - drums, vocals
2007-2009  Anthony Ridout - bass
› 2010-2016  -//-
2009-2010  Tim Goatham - bass
2009-2015  Ben Ellis - guitars, vocals
2013-2016  Janne Jesper Jaloma - drums
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2016-2017  James Stewart - drums
2012  Sebastian "Zeb" Nilsson - guitars
2014  Teemu Mäntysaari - guitars
2014  Per Nilsson - guitars
2014  Sven De Caluwé - vocals
2014  Christopher "Chris" Amott - guitars
2014  Andy James - guitars
2018  Ken Bergeron - vocals
2018  Mendel Deminio bij de Leij - guitar
2018  Jeff Loomis - guitar solo

Latest reviews

It always happens when you're least expecting it. You're in the midst of a coffee break in between analysing financial reports, brain half numb from staring at numbers the whole morning. You press play on some unknown album expecting the same old uninspired stuff. Especially when the band is unsigned, plays melodic death metal and it's their second album and you think "can't be that good." And then the music hits you, knocking you down on your proverbial arse, leaving you dazed and confused. The culprit behind this unprovoked shock and awe campaign is Bloodshot Dawn and the lethal weapon is Demons.
Review by deadone ››
So? Plenty of you getting bored with melodic death or the Gothenburg style? Tired of gimmicky folk instruments or the good cop, bad cop vocals and think the "progressive" tag in front means too much meandering around? Enter Bloodshot Dawn, a bunch of UK youngsters, and perhaps your ears' new best friend.
Review by Ag Fox ››

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