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Christopher "Chris" Amott


1996-2005 Arch Enemy - guitars  
1997-2018 Armageddon - guitars  
2007-2012 Arch Enemy - guitars  
2012-2013 Ghost Ship Octavius - guitars  
2016- Black Earth - guitars  
2020- Dark Tranquillity - guitars  

Studio musician

2001 Mortiis - guitars  

Live musician

2007 Machine Head - guitars  
2014-2015 Arch Enemy - guitars  
2017-2020 Dark Tranquillity - guitars  

Guest musician

2000 In Flames - guitars  
2000 Spiritual Beggars - guitars  
2003 VII Gates - guitars  
2011 Shining - guitar solo  
2012 Bob Katsionis - guitars  
2014 Shining - guitars  
2014 Bloodshot Dawn - guitars  
2015 Myrkur - guitars  
2015 Inner Sanctum - guitar solo  
2015 AngelSeed - guitars  
2015 Angelus Apatrida - guitars  
2016 Aktaion - guitars  
2017 Buried Realm - guitar solo  
2017 Coraxo - guitars  
2017 Framework - guitars  
2017 Gökböri - guitars  
2017 Insatia - guitars  
2017 Strength Of Will - guitars  
2017-2018 Arch Enemy - guitars, keyboards  
2018 To An End - guitars  
2018-2020 Nonexist - guitars  
2020 Fleetburner - guitars  
2020 Ron Coolen - guitars  
2022 Buried Realm - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 23.11.1977


Christopher Amott (born November 23, 1977 in Halmstad, Sweden) is a Swedish guitar player and vocalist, younger brother of Michael Amott and founding member of the Swedish metal bands Arch Enemy and Armageddon.

Inspired by his older brother Michael Amott's band Carcass, Christopher began studying the guitar at 14, playing in local bands, and eventually attending music college at age 18. With aggressive, fast vibrato, speedy alternate-picking, and fluid lead lines, Christopher's memorable playing style was crafted after such players as John Sykes, Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, John Norum, and Michael Schenker.

While attending music school in 1996, Michael asked Christopher to record solos for his new melodic death metal project Arch Enemy. The Black Earth album was released in Japan in 1996, and was an instant hit, receiving regular airplay on Japanese MTV. The band were invited to play Japan in 1997, and it was there that Christopher secured a deal for his Armageddon side project. The project began as a melodic death metal band, similar in style to Arch Enemy, but with a more conceptual feel to the lyrics. Armageddon released their first album Crossing the Rubicon on W.A.R. records in 1997. The album featured Peter Wildoer and Martin Bengtsson, who would also go on to record Stigmata with Arch Enemy in 1998. The Stigmata album was again a success in Japan, and was the first Arch Enemy album to be released in the USA, on Century Media records.

With Arch Enemy gaining ground worldwide, Christopher would go on to release Burning Bridges and Burning Japan Live 1999, both in 1999, then take a well deserved break until the latter part of 2000, when Armageddon released their second album Embrace the Mystery on Toy's Factory records in Japan. This time featuring a "melodic" singer, and more of an overall power metal feel, the album was a drastic shift from the straight ahead melodic death metal of Crossing the Rubicon, and marked Christopher's desire to branch out of the "extreme metal" genre.

In 2001, Arch Enemy were joined by new singer Angela Gossow, and the band reached new heights in worldwide popularity with the release of Wages of Sin. After completing an exstensive world tour with Arch Enemy, Christopher returned to his Armageddon project, and released Three in 2002 on Toy's Factory records in Japan. This time featuring Christopher on lead vocals, the album was almost purley a power metal effort, focusing on the melodic singing and guitar work of Christopher.

Arch Enemy released Anthems of Rebellion in 2003, and again embarked on a world tour. In 2005, the band entered the studio to record Doomsday Machine, but immediately after the recording, Christopher left Arch Enemy. Christopher later stated that he "wasn't feeling creative musically" in Arch Enemy, and that he "just wasn't into (the band) anymore."

Christopher spent the next two years teaching music in Sweden, as well as attending a university. It is currently unknown if he will return to his Armageddon project, but he says that he still "plays guitar constantly, several hours a day", but also says that "If I do some kind of record it won't be metal" But of course he has changed his mind with that (with rejoining Arch Enemy afterwards).

In March 2007 Christopher announced his return to Arch Enemy as a permanent member. He re-joined the band near the end of the songwriting process for Rise of the Tyrant.

On March 5, 2012 Amott once again quit Arch Enemy. He cited his desire to pursue his solo career further as a main reason. He was replaced with Arsis guitarist Nick Cordle.