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Andy James


2004-2013 Sacred Mother Tongue - guitars  
2005- Andy James - bass, guitars, keyboards, programming  
2008 Budgie - guitars  
2012- Fields Of The Nephilim - guitars  
2020- Five Finger Death Punch - lead guitars  

Guest musician

2010 Cradle Of Filth - additional lead guitar  
2011 Theodore Ziras - guitar solo  
2011 Hedras Ramos - guitar solo  
2012 I Legion - guitars  
2012-2020 Stéphan Forté - guitars  
2014 Bloodshot Dawn - guitars  
2015 Paul Wardingham - guitars  
2017 FB 1964 - guitar solo  
2017 Mutiny Within - guitars  
2020 David Ellefson - guitars  
2020 Jason Kui - guitars  
2021 Scale The Summit - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 15.05.1981


For some time, he has been widely regarded as one of the UK's rising stars in the realm of Shred/Metal guitar. Now, Andy James has undeniably earned himself a place among the very best in the world.

As a major contributor to 'Lick Library' - the benchmark for Web and DVD-based guitar instruction - Andy has specialised in teaching lead techniques for Heavy Rock and Metal. Not only can he be found mastering others' techniques but, influenced by the likes of Andy Timmons, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert and Adam Dutkiewicz, Andy is incredibly skilled as a songwriter, as heard on a solo 'In the Wake of Chaos' and 'Machine', as well as his contribution to his band, Sacred Mother Tongue.

It hasn't taken long for Andy James' name to become a leading light in the world of Metal guitar; now fully endorsed by Blackstar Amplification and ESP Guitars, Andy can be found holding workshops and master-classes as far afield as the Los Angeles NAMM show or Frankfurt Music Messe, and 2011 saw the release of his own Andy James custom signature ESP guitars.

As of this writing Andy is preparing to release his self-titled, third solo album before heading out on a UK tour with Sacred Mother Tongue. The band will be hitting festival stages prior to the release of their second album.