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Scar Symmetry - Dark Matter Dimensions

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Release date: 2 October 2009
Style: Melodic death metal, Progressive power metal


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01. The Iconoclast
02. The Consciousness Eaters
03. Noumenon And Phenomenon
04. Ascension Chamber
05. Mechanical Soul Cybernetics
06. Non-Human Era
07. Dark Matter Dimensions
08. Sculptor Void
09. A Parenthesis In Eternity
10. Frequency-Shifter
11. Radiant Strain
12. Pariah [limited Digipak bonus]
13. The Consciousness Eaters [edit version] [Japanese bonus]

Roberth "Robban" Karlsson - vocals
Lars Jonas Palmqvist - vocals
Jonas Kjellgren - guitars
Per Nilsson - guitars
Henrik Ohlsson - drums
Kenneth Seil - bass

Additional info
Produced by Jonas Kjellgren and Per Nilsson.
Recorded at Abyss Studios and Blacklounge Studios.
Mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren.
Artwork and layout by Colin Marks.

Staff review by
Dane Train
Throughout the history of Rock there have many bands that have lost their amazing lead vocalist and replaced him (or her) while continuing to be successful. Van Halen did it. AC/DC did it. Genesis did it. Black Sabbath did it. Can Scar Symmetry do it?

Last year Christian Älvestam left the popular Swedish band due to creative differences. I cried for days because of that. OK, I didn't really cry, but I was saddened by that fact. While Scar Symmetry's music was above average Gothenburg Metal, it was Älvestam's vocals that I went crazy for. His modern guttural growl was juxtaposed with his soaring classic Heavy Metal voice. What more, the vocal melodies he wrote were really solid and memorable.

published 20.10.2009 | Comments (90)

Guest review by
We all know Älvestam has departed and was a big part of the Scar Symmetry overall trademark sound (like it should be with all vocalists). Two vocalists Robert Karlsson and Lars Palmqvist have filled in the vacant spot. The last SS album wasn't great but it wasn't that bad either and even a slight disappointment when compared to the one before.

published 14.04.2010 | Comments (5)

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Comments: 5   Visited by: 416 users
24.03.2010 - 18:05
Rating: 9

Lemme say something. i have not YET listened to their old material, and i can say this is quality material!
i enjoy this "new" vocalist's way of singing. it fits the band
29.03.2010 - 04:46
Account deleted
Pretty lame compared to their older stuff....the vocal melodies is the problem this guy doesnt have the talent. Growls are good though and some sick solos especially in "Mechanical Soul Cybernetics".
29.03.2010 - 12:16

I can't help but compare to their previous material even if they did get two different vocalists to replace Christian.
Overall, I've only given it a single listen and I don't think I'll give it a second just yet.
06.01.2011 - 21:46
Account deleted
What shocked me about "Dark Matter Dimensions" is the total lack of musical evolution, quite contrary to the modern-esque themes they base their music on. Quite disappointing, really. Having said that, "A Parenthesis In Eternity" kicks some serious ass.
02.06.2016 - 10:47
Rating: 7

Gave this album another shot and well, I like it a little more than I used to. As a follow-up to their previous (and greatest) album, things were bound to go south. Especially after Christian left. Special shout-out to "A Parenthesis in Eternity," best song on the album for sure.

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