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Mors Principium Est


1999-2006  Jori Haukio - guitars
› 2021-  -//-
1999-2009  Jarkko Kokko - guitars
› 2021-  -//-
2000-  Ville Viljanen - vocals
2001-2020  Teemu Heinola - bass
› 2021-  -//-
2021-  Marko Tommila - drums
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1999-2004  Toni Nummelin - keyboards
1999-2017  Mikko Sipola - drums
2004-2007  Joona Kukkola - keyboards
2007-2008  Karri Kuisma - guitars
2007-2011  Tomy Laisto - guitars
2008-2009  Tom Gardiner - guitars
2009-2011  Kalle Aaltonen - guitars
2011-2014  Andhe Chandler - guitars
2011-2021  Andy Gillion - guitars
2014-2015  Kevin Verlay - guitars
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2004  Maiju Tommila - vocals
2006  Karri Kuisma - guitars
2007  Marko Tommila - drums
› 2020  -//-
2017-  Iiro Aittokoski - drums
2018-  Lauri Unkila - guitars
2012  Ryan Knight - guitars

Latest reviews

Mors Principium Est are one of the most reliable bands in melodeath, and Seven has no plans of changing that reputation.
Review by musclassia ››
Mors Principium Est is at the core a Gothenburg metal band from Finland with a duo of killer albums released in the early 2000s, Inhumanity and The Unborn. Yet their front man Andy Gillion is from the UK. He took over songwriting and guitar duties when the band was on the brink of being dissolved in 2011. He carried on the legacy with Ville Viljanen [vocals], Mikko Sipola [drums] and Teemu Heinola [bass]. This Mors Principium Est v2.0 has been thriving under his astute vision and vista.
Review by Dream Taster ››
Staving off doubts given their frequency of line-up changes, Mors Principium Est consistently prove themselves to be a vital name in melodic death metal. Not for reasons of clear originality of style, but vital for their shared vitality, a remarkable feat considering the rate at which their rhythm guitars switch hands.
Review by R'Vannith ››

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