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Andy Gillion


2011-2021 Mors Principium Est - guitars  
2019- Andy Gillion - guitars, bass, programming, keyboard  

Guest musician

2020 Buried Realm - guitars  
2021 Destinity - guitars  

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Born on: 04.09.1988

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When I was five years old I asked my dad if he would teach me to play the piano like him. From there my love of music began. I picked up most of my musical theory from years of studying the piano until I became fed up with how regimented it was and at the age of ten I asked my dad to teach me to play guitar instead. By this time I'd made a band with some friends at school and was writing songs and playing gigs as the lead vocalist and keyboard player while my guitar skills developed.

Eventually I begged my parents to buy me the most vital piece of musical equipment I've ever acquired: a Fostex 8-track recorder. This introduced me to the world of recording music. I managed to get hold of a drum kit and a bass guitar and by the time I was twelve-years-old I had commandeered the spare room, turning it into a makeshift recording studio.

I formed many bands throughout my teenage years, writing, recording and performing live. I scaled the ranks as a guitarist, songwriter and music producer and in April 2011 I joined the Finnish metal band, "Mors Principium Est", as lead guitarist and songwriter. In 2012, my debut album for the band, "and Death Said Live", was released worldwide and received critical acclaim.

Alongside playing in the band I spent all of my free time composing and recording music for college films/documentaries, video games and even live theatre. I was commissioned to create the soundtrack for the video game, "Sword Surfer", followed by another score for the game, "Dude Man". My social media following grew from doing video game guitar covers and in 2013 I became a YouTube partner.

I toured the world with the band and wrote and released two further albums: "Dawn of the 5th Era" in 2014 and "Embers of a Dying World" in 2016. At the end of 2016, I performed in the live final of "Guitar Idol". Following this, I began putting together my debut solo album, "Neverafter", which was later released in 2019, featuring Jeff Loomis and 66Samus.

In 2020, I finished writing my fourth album for Mors Principium Est, "Seven", and continued work as the composer for video games, "Metal Heads" and "Brimstone Brawlers".

You can keep up to date with my latest endeavours by following me on all the usual social media platforms.