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Iced Earth


1988-  Jon Schaffer - guitars, backing vocals
1996-1997  Brent Evan Smedley - drums
› 1998-1999  -//-
› 2006-2013  -//-
› 2015-  -//-
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1988-1989  Greg Seymour - drums
1988-1991  Gene Adam - vocals
1988-1996  Dave Abell - bass
1988-1998  Randy Shawver - guitars
1989-1991  Mike McGill - drums
1991-1992  Richey Secchiari - drums
1991-1992  John Greely - vocals
1992-1995  Rodney Beasley - drums
1992-2003  Matt Barlow - vocals
› 2007-2011  -//-
1995-1998  Mark Prator - drums
1996  Keith Brian Menser - bass
1996-2000  James MacDonough - bass
› 2001-2004  -//-
1998-2003  Larry Tarnowski - guitars
2000-2004  Richard Christy - drums
2003-2004  Ralph Santolla - guitars
2003-2007  Tim Owens - vocals
2004-2006  Robert "Bobby" Jarzombek - drums
2006  Ernie Carletti - guitars
2006-2007  Tim Mills - guitars
2006-2007  James "Bo" Wallace - bass
2007-2016  Troy Seele - guitars
2008-2012  Freddie Vidales - bass
2011-2021  Stuart "Stu" Block - vocals
2012-2021  Luke Appleton - bass
2016-2021  Jake Dreyer - guitars
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1990-1991  Roger "The Hammer" Huff - keyboards
1991  Kent Smith - keyboards
2000-2001  Steve DiGiorgio - bass
2007  Dennis Hayes - bass
2013  Raphael Saini - drums
2007  Dennis Hayes - bass
2013-  Jon Dette - drums
2001  Yunhui Percifield - vocals
2003-2004  Matt Barlow - backing vocals
› 2023  -//- vocals
2014  Russell Allen - vocals
2014  Thomas "Hacky" Hackmann - backing vocals
2014  Michael Poulsen - vocals
2014  Hansi Kürsch - vocals
2023  Tim "Ripper" Owens - vocals


Latest reviews

This is in the running for the least necessary review on this website. First of all, I don’t think anybody out there was still wondering whether or not they needed to invest their time in A Narrative Soundscape; the consensus has firmly established that this album has about as much value as mittens for a snake. Second, tominator already did a fine job of breaking down just how garbage this album is in the review that he published around the time of the initial release, and I have added no alternative opinions that might justify a second staff review. But, as sometimes happens, I started writing out some of these observations as a comment on the album thread to document my listening experience and eventually found that I had too much to say for a single post, so I decided I would rather shape those notes into a cohesive review instead.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Something wickedly bad.
Review by tominator ››
Incorruptible, like Plagues Of Babylon, lacks the visceral, unrelenting songwriting and crisp production of Dystopia; it doesn't hit as hard or as immediately. While that's a hard claim to back up when "Great Heathen Army" kicks off the album with Stu Block screeching, "VALHALLA!" at the top of his lungs, the first half of the album is more of a slow burn. It's the second half of the album - the folk-influenced instrumental whirlwind of "Ghost Dance," the earnest and moving tribute to camaraderie in "Brothers," and the second strike of epic lightning in "Clear The Way" - that really takes off from the moment of first contact.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
So, Jon Shaffer and his bunch of ever-changing musicians are back in town with release number eleven, after 2011's Dystopia that finally set the bar pretty high, after maybe too many years of... well, not mediocrity, but of music that didn't live up to Iced Earth standards.
Review by R Lewis ››
It's been a bit of a rocky ride for Iced Earth in the last few years, especially after things looked so promising with Matt Barlow back in the band. The Crucible Of Man really didn't deliver what the line-up promised, and then another knock...
Review by Baz Anderson ››

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