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Ralph Santolla


1997-2018 Millenium - guitars  
2003-2004 Iced Earth - guitars  
2004-2005 Sebastian Bach - guitars  
2005-2007 Deicide - guitars  
2007-2011 Obituary - guitars  
2009-2018 Devils Highway - guitars  
2010-2011 Deicide - guitars  
2011-2012 Memorain - guitars  
2013-2014 Toxik - guitars  

Studio musician

2008 Deicide - guitars  

Live musician

1993 Death - guitars  
2006 Vital Remains - guitars  
2013 Melechesh - guitar  

Guest musician

2000 Jorn - guitar  
2005 Warmen - guitars  
2008 Jon Oliva's Pain - guitars  
2008 Holy Moses - guitar  
2012 Lover Of Sin - guitars  
2014 Inferi - guitar solo  
2014 Pathology - guitar solos  
2016 Crimson Moon - guitar  

Personal information

Born on: 08.12.1970
Died on: 06.06.2018

Ralph Santolla (born December 8, 1970) is an Italian-American metal guitarist. He has played in many bands in the past, most recently Deicide, but also including Eyewitness, Death (he never recorded any of their albums, but toured with them in 1993 and appeared in "The Philosopher" video), Millennium, Iced Earth, and the Sebastian Bach band. As of June 3, 2007, it was announced that Santolla would replace Allen West in Obituary for their album Xecutioner's Return. Ralph is very proud of his Italian heritage and he plays guitars by Jackson and Ibanez with the Italian flag painted on them. At the moment he has recently been playing Jackson Guitars, though he has also been associated with ESP Guitars, Dean Guitars and many others. He has also been using Randall Amplifiers. He is well known for his shred guitar playing style.

Recently at a Deicide gig in Laredo, Texas which was getting out of control, Ralph Santolla was arrested for allegedly throwing a Red Bull can at an officer after Deicide was forced to stop playing.

Santolla is a practicing Roman Catholic, which has caused controversy with Deicide fans, many of whom are against Christianity and are aware of frontman Glen Benton's open Satanism. Many were surprised that Benton even let Santolla join the band, due to his frequent criticism of the religion. However, Ralph stated that he is "not going to pretend to be some dark and evil person just so people think I'm metal" and also stated that he respects Benton, despite differences in their religion and beliefs, for not being afraid to be true to himself. [2]. In a recent interview on Australian radio, Benton stated that he had no problems working with Santolla because of his religion, saying, "Ralph's what I like to call a part-timer... I mean, his favourite song on the new album is "Death to Jesus".[citation needed]

He has frequently talked about starting his own band with Steve DiGiorgio and Gene Hoglan, both of whom he had worked with in Death. He is currently working on a new solo instrumental album, titled Requiem for Hope. This is his second solo album, his first was Shaolin Monks in the Temple of Metal. On May 24th, 2007, it was announced that Santolla had left Deicide. The reasons were are not totally known, but many believe that numerous death threats involving his religious beliefs, those which greatly contrated that of Deicide frontman Glen Benton.4

Also in 2007, Santolla was called in to fill the spot on Obituary's newest album Xecutioner's Return, replacing Allen West after Allan was incarcerated until 2008. It is unknown if Santolla will stay with Obituary after West returns to the band.

Santolla is also a guitar instructor around Tampa. Some of his students have included Eric Hoffman (who Santolla eventually replaced in Deicide), Nocturnus guitarist Mike Davis.