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1991-2011  Warrel Dane - vocals
1991-2011  Jeff Loomis - guitars
1991-2011  James "Jim" Sheppard - bass
1995-2011  Van Williams - drums, percussion
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1991-1995  Mark Arrington - drums, percussion
1996-1997  Pat O'Brien - guitars
1997-2000  Tim Calvert - guitars
2004-2007  Steve Smyth - guitars
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1992-1993  Adam Gardner - percussion
2000-2001  Curran Murphy - guitars
› 2003-2004  -//-
2001-2003  Chris Broderick - guitars
› 2006-2007  -//-
2002  Steve Smyth - guitars
2006  James MacDonough - bass
2007  Tim Johnston - bass
2010-2011  Attila Vörös - guitars
2011  Dagna Barrera - bass
1999  Christine Rhoades - vocals
2005  James Franklin Murphy - guitar solo
2005  Axel Mackenrott - keyboards

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How does a band top a masterpiece? For example, they change a lot. South of Heaven after Reign in Blood felt shockingly slow and heavy. Or they try to copy their best release, with mixed results: see Enslaved's Ruun or Testament's New Order....
Review by Daniell ››
As you can see in the track list, this new DVD produced by the Polish label Metal Mind is a nice compilation of the bands which performed last year at the XX edition of the famous festival of Katowice. As always with this "Metal Mania" DVD,...
Review by Jeff ››
They did it again. I assume this album was highly expected by about everybody who likes Nevermore. Those who hated the bad production and more straightforward thrash direction of Enemies Of Reality were probably hoping for Nevermore to take a step backwards...
Review by Deadsoulman ››

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