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Van Williams


1993- Pure Sweet Hell - drums, vocals  
1995-2011 Nevermore - drums, percussion  
2012- Ghost Ship Octavius - drums  
2012-2013 Armageddon - drums  
2012-2017 Ashes Of Ares - drums  
2019- Liege Lord - drums  

Studio musician

2018 Ashes Of Ares - drums  
2022 Ashes Of Ares - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 05.12.1966

Van Willliams is the drummer for Nevermore and Pure Sweet Hell. Van Willliams hails from New York where he began his music career in various bands, later re-locating to Seattle, Washington in 1993. After auditioning for a band called Nevermore (ex Sanctuary) they were soon signed onto Century Media Records.

Willliams continues to play with Nevermore since their self-titled debut. Also a graphic artist/illustrator, Van has created the logos and numerous T-shirt designs for Nevermore and his other band project Pure Sweet Hell which features Van singing main vocals as well as drums. Pure Sweet Hell also features long time friends and fellow musicians Chris Eichhorn (guitars and bass) and Jim Colsom (also supplying vocals).