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Warrel Dane


1983-1985 Serpent's Knight - vocals  
1985-2017 Sanctuary - vocals  
1991-2011 Nevermore - vocals  
2007-2017 Warrel Dane - vocals  

Guest musician

2007 Behemoth - vocals  
2013 Shaded Enmity - vocals  


02.10.2003 Nevermore

Personal information

Born on: 07.03.1961
Died on: 13.12.2017

Official website

Warrel Dane (born March 7, 1961) is the lead singer of the progressive metal band Nevermore. He is also the singer of the metal band Sanctuary, who have recently reformed. Dane was trained for five years as an opera singer and utilizes a very broad vocal range (between five and six octaves according to Warrel's teacher), spanning from notes as low as the G below low C, or G1, to notes as high as the D above high C, or D5. His use of very high falsetto notes up to the B below soprano C, or B5, was more prominent in his Sanctuary and Serpent's Knight days but is still utilized in Nevermore. He has also hit notes as low as the E♭ below low C, or E♭1, in vocal fry.

Warrel, along with bassist Jim Sheppard, is a certified chef and formerly owned a restaurant in Seattle. As reflected in his songwriting, Warrel is critical of religion and government and has expressed mixed feelings toward the advancement of technology.

Dane's first solo record, Praises to the War Machine was released May 13, 2008 on Century Media Records.

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