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James Murphy


1990 Death - guitars (as James Murphy)  
1990 Obituary - guitars (as James Murphy)  
1992- Disincarnate - guitars (as James Murphy)  
1994-2001 Testament - guitars (as James Murphy)  
1995- James Murphy - guitars, keyboards (as James Murphy)  

Studio musician

2017 Satans Taint - guitars  

Live musician

1987-1988 Agent Steel - guitars  
1991 Cancer - guitars  

Guest musician

1991 Gorguts - guitar solo  
1992 Malevolent Creation - guitars  
1997 Konkhra - guitars  
1997 Artension - guitars  
1998 Explorers Club - guitars (as James Murphy)  
2003 Memorain - guitars  
2004 Enforsaken - guitar solo  
2004-2005 Firewind - guitars  
2005 Nevermore - guitar solo  
2007 The Absence - guitars  
2008 Warrel Dane - guitars  
2011 Bloodsoaked - guitar solo  
2012 Enraged - guitar solo  
2015 Inner Sanctum - guitar solo  
2018 Angerot - guitars  

Personal information

Also known as: James Franklin Murphy
Born on: 30.07.1967
Official website

James Franklin Murphy (July 30, 1967, Portsmouth, Virginia, USA) is an American guitarist. He is best known for his work in metal bands Death and Testament. He founded Disincarnate, an early death metal band.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2001, but has recovered. Currently he is working on a tribute album to Death founder Chuck Schuldiner who died from pneumonia, caused by complications of his treatment for a brain tumor. He is also producing Deron Miller's band World Under Blood. His most recent completed projects were the production of the industrial death metal band Dååth's second album, The Hinderers, which was released on Roadrunner Records, and Lazarus A.D.'s debut album The Onslaught released on Metal Blade Records. He has also performed as a touring guitarist for Agent Steel, and in Hallows Eve in 1988.

In addition to playing guitar, Murphy operates a recording studio, SafeHouse Production, where he has mixed and produced albums for other bands. He has also contributed lessons to Guitar Player magazine.


Murphy has used Caparison guitars since he was able to play guitar again after his cancer treatment. During his years with Death, Obituary, and Testament he played Ibanez guitars, primarily the S series models, and B.C. Rich guitars during the Obituary period, especially Warlock models. With Disincaranate, he used a Gibson Flying V, loaded with EMG's 81 and 85, through a Marshall 8100. He is also a longtime endorsee of EMG pickups, and mainly uses the 85 and 89 models, although on Testament's The Gathering his Ibanez's were fitted with Dimarzio Steve's Special and Air Norton. For amplification he is currently using Framus Cobra series amplifiers, although previously he used Mesa Rectifiers through a Marshall 4x10 with Testament.