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2014-  Matt Harvey - guitars, vocals
2014-  Robin Mazen - bass
2014-  Gus Rios - drums
2014-  Daniel "Dan" Gonzalez - guitars
2022-  Sebastian Phillips - guitars
2014-2015  James Franklin Murphy - guitars
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Gruesome is some sort of tribute band. They pay homage to the group that invented, shaped and perfected death metal. You guessed right, the band worshipped is Death.
Review by nikarg ››
There are probably a few Death fans out there who lament that the band switched to more progressive pastures far too quickly and who believe the band should have churned out a few more Leprosy's instead. Now these fans have their wish come true in the form of Gruesome's Leprosy worshipping debut Savage Land.
Review by deadone ››

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