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Bolt Thrower

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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1986
Disbanded in: 2016

1986-2016Death metal
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1986-2016  Barry "Baz" Thomson - guitars
1986-2016  Gavin Ward - guitars
1987-1994  Karl Willetts - vocals
› 1997-1998  -//-
› 2004-2016  -//-
1987-2016  Jo-Anne "Jo" Bench - bass
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1986-1987  Alan West - vocals
1986-1994  Andrew Whale - drums
1987  Alex Tweedy - bass
1994-1997  Martin Kearns - drums
› 1999-2015  -//-
1997-1999  Alex Thomas - drums
1998-2004  Dave Ingram - vocals
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1995-1997  Martin Van Drunen - vocals

Latest reviews

At last, the mighty Bolt Thrower have returned, with their inimitable style of pounding extreme Metal. 'Those Once Loyal' is Bolt Thrower's 8th full length studio album, and longtime fans of the band (such as myself) will have a fair idea...
Review by Richard ››
Having all but left their grindcore elements behind, legendary death metal masters Bolt Thrower continued engraving their mark on the death metal scene with their fourth full-length release, aptly titled The IVth Crusade. Now, when you've released...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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