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Karl Willetts


1987-1994 Bolt Thrower - vocals  
1997-1998 Bolt Thrower - vocals  
2004-2016 Bolt Thrower - vocals  
2016- Memoriam - vocals  

Guest musician

2012 Suicidal Angels - vocals  
2018 Bloodbath - vocals  
2019 Neckbeard Deathcamp - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 21.09.1966

Karl Willetts (born 21 September 1966) is a death metal vocalist from England. He joined the British death metal band Bolt Thrower in 1988. Before that he drove the backline of the band. He stayed with Bolt Thrower until 1994, after the recording of ...For Victory. He left the band mainly because he wanted to go back to university and finish his degree. Willetts now has a degree in Cultural Studies from the Birmingham University.

Willetts rejoined as a session vocalist for the recording of Mercenary and left shortly thereafter because of financial reasons and lack of commitment. In November 2004, he re-joined Bolt Thrower after the departure of Dave Ingram.

Willetts also did some guest vocals with UK punk band Doom on their Peel Sessions album and UK death metal band Benediction on two accounts; one on "Jumping At Shadows" which appears on The Grand Leveller and Dark Is The Season; the other on "At The Wrong Side Of The Grave", which is a cover of The Accüsed and appears on the Transcend The Rubicon album.