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1991-1992  Martin Van Drunen - bass, vocals
› 2007-  -//- vocals
2007-  Paul Baayens - guitars
2010-  Alwin Zuur - bass
2014-  Stefan Hüskens - drums
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1987-1989  Tonny Brookhuis - guitars
1987-1993  Bob Bagchus - drums
› 1995-1996  -//-
› 2007-2014  -//-
1988-1989  Chuck Colli - bass, vocals
1989-1995  Eric Daniels - guitars
1989-1997  Theo Loomans - bass, vocals
1992-1994  Ron van der Pol - bass, vocals
1994  Sander van Hoof - drums
1994  Heiko Hanke - keyboards
1996  Ronnie Van Der Weij - guitars
2007-2010  Wannes Gubbels - bass, vocals
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Is it too early to talk about AOTY contenders?
Review by omne metallum ››
If you want to listen to an orchestra of drills, jackhammers and chainsaws with a grunting pig in the foreground, this is not an album for you. If you want a sterile surgery room sound that's soulless, completely flat and devoid of any feeling, colour...
Review by Daniell ››
Asphyx are another of those "old school" death metal bands that surfaced in the late 80's/early 90's, punched out a handful of albums, then disappeared for years on end, only to return in the latter half of this past decade. Hooray...
Review by BitterCOld ››

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