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Also known as Corpse (1986-1987)

Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media Records

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Formed in: 1986
Hiatus: 1997-1999

1986-Death metal


1986-1996  Ola Lindgren - vocals, bass
› 1996-  -//- vocals, guitar
2010-  Tobias Cristiansson - bass
2011-  Mika Lagrén - guitars
2018-  Tomas Lagrén - drums
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1986-1992  Jonas Torndal - bass
› 1999-2007  -//- guitar
1986-2003  Jens "Jensa" Paulsson - drums
1988-1992  Jörgen Sandström - guitars, vocals
› 1992-1996  -//- bass, vocals
2001-2010  Fredrik Isaksson - bass
2003-2004  Christofer "Chris" Barkensjö - drums
2004-2006  Pelle "Per" Ekegren - drums
2006-2017  Ronnie Bergerståhl - drums
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2002-2003  Christofer "Chris" Barkensjö - drums
2008-2011  Magnus Martinsson - guitar
2011  Mika Lagrén - guitars
2014-  Simon Wizén - guitars
2010  Karl Sanders - guitars
2013  Eric Cutler - guitars

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So Grave is back with another release, one that continues the trend set forth about... oh, 10 years ago now. I'll get straight to the point, much like these guys do with their music: expect more of the same.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Death metal
Regain Records

Line-up on the CD:
Ola Lindgren - vocals, guitar
Fredrik Isaksson - bass
Ronnie Bergerståhl - drums

This place is a tomb...

Inveterate Swedish death metal act Grave are considered by many death metal junkies...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
I think it's about time someone combines our two favourite things: metal and Happy Families! 'Than I'd like from you, from the "Long-Running And Incredbly Solid Swedish Death Metal" category the band Grave.' 'Here you...
Review by Lucas ››
As you probably already know, Poland and the label Metal Mind are now specialized in the realization of DVD. The low costs of production that you have in the country and the really good technical means that you can find there are extremely advantageous...
Review by Jeff ››

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