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Back when Grave were known as Corpse, releasing a demo entitled "Black Dawn" in 1986.


Grave are one of the founders of the Swedish Death / Doom Metal scene releasing their first demo, 'Sick Disgust Eternal', in 1987 following a name change from Corpse. Two further demos, 1988's 'Sexual Mutilation' and 1989's 'Anatomia Corporis Humanum' gained the band an enviable cult status. The latter demo was also to be issued as a four track EP. The band toured Europe as guests to Florida thrashers Malevolent Creation in September 1991 shortly followed by dates opening for Entombed.

In 1992 bassist Jonas Torndal quit and frontman Jörgen Sandström took over four string duties. Following the release of 1994's 'Soulless' Grave toured America in a headlining capacity prior to hooking up with the Cannibal Corpse and Samael tour as support. Further dates had the band putting in an appearance on the 'Full Of Hate' festivals and acting as openers for Morbid Angel. Following this bout of activity Sandström wound up joining Entombed in 1995. Grave persevered as a duo with Lindgren now responsible for vocals for the 1996 Tomas Skogsberg produced 'Hating Life' record.

Grave, centred upon vocalist / guitarist Ola Lindgren and bassist turned guitarist Jonas Torndal, reconvened in September of 2001. New members would transpire to be Therion bassist Fredrik Isaksson and drummer Jensa Paulsson. This unit set to work on the Tomas Skogsberg produced 'Back From The Grave' album. First editions of the record came packaged with a bonus disc of of archive tracks compiled from the demos 1988's 'Sick Disgust Eternal', 1989's 'Sexual Mutilation' and 'Anatomia Corporis Humani' tapes. Subsequent European live dates would bear witness to the introduction of Coercion drummer Pelle Ekegren into the fold, regular skinsman Jensa Paulsson being temporarily out of action. By February it was learned Paulsson was out of the picture for good, Grave inducting Kaamos, General Surgery and Repugnant man Cristofer Barkensjö as permanent replacement.

A projected extensive run of European tour dates throughout March and April of 2003 found Defleshed as support act. However, these shows would then be cancelled. There would be no let up on the live front for the summer though, Grave teaming up with Immolation Crematorium and Goatwhore for US shows in June, the band's first North American shows in over seven years. The band would then ally themselves with the gargantuan 'Bonded By Metal Over Europe' roving gigs in October, ranked alongside Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Agent Steel, Behemoth, Mortician, Carnal Forge, Occult and Callenish Circle.

Grave parted ways with drummer Christofer Barkensjö in early 2004 as he opted out to prioritise his other act Kaamos. The band duly replaced him with replacing him with the Coercion credited Pelle Liljenberg.

After the last tour the band had a loooooong break until 1999 when they decided to play together again. Rehearsals went pretty slow at first but after a while they got old bassplayer Jonas Torndal back in the band, this time to grab the second guitar. The bassjob went to an old friend of the band - Freddan Isaksson who´ve played with numerous Stockholm based bands, the most known to you would be Therion. The band played their first live gig in 5 years at the HardRock cafe´Stockholm. Following that gig rehearsals continued and in the spring of 2002 the new album "Back from the grave" was recorded at Sunlight studios in Stockholm. Released in September that same year the album featured a bonus disc with the 3 classic Grave demos from 1988-1989.