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Karl Sanders


1993- Nile - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals  
2004- Karl Sanders - all instruments, vocals  

Studio musician

2021 ILLT - guitars  
2021-2022 Thūn - guitars  

Guest musician

2003 Morbid Angel - guitars  
2004 Behemoth - guitars  
2006-2011 Amarna Sky - guitars  
2009 Ex Deo - guitars  
2010 Grave - guitars  
2011 Nervecell - vocals  
2012 Lover Of Sin - guitars  
2012 Tourniquet - guitars  
2012 Gory Blister - vocals  
2014 Divine Disorder - guitars  
2015 Overtorture - guitars  
2015 George Kollias - guitars  
2016 Ted Kirkpatrick - guitars  
2017 Kartikeya - guitars  
2017 Wrecker - guitars  
2018 Tornado - additional vocals  
2018 Veld - guitar solo  
2020 Nader Sadek - guitars  
2020 Scarab - guitars  
2020 Desolator - guitar solo  
2020-2021 Blindfolded And Led To The Woods - additional vocals  
2021 Lord Khaos - guitars  
2022 Wolfheart - guitars  
2022 Enmity - guitars  


07.08.2016 Nile
12.04.2012 Nile
12.02.2011 Nile

Personal information

Born on: 05.06.1963


Karl Sanders is a vocalist/guitarist and founding member of the Egyptian-themed technical death metal band Nile. He was born in California, and lives in Greenville, South Carolina. He is known for his extremely fast and technical guitar work. Karl is endorsed by Jackson Guitars and Dean Guitars, and has a signature model by Kxk-guitars. He is ranked 4 in the Decibel Magazine ranking of the 20 best death metal guitar players of all time. He has a strong knowledge of Egyptian mythology which heavily influences his work.

Solo project
Sanders began his own solo side project in 2004. Much of the music that he plays includes similar elements of his band Nile.

He has recorded one solo full-length album, Saurian Meditation, released on October 26, 2004 under the Relapse record label. He is currently also working on tracks for a new solo album. The music will be a full length exploration of the atmospheric interludes heard on Nile's previous albums, and still draws on ancient Egyptian themes for inspiration. Karl will also also now draw inspiration from other types of music such as Tibetan, Indian and Arabic. This album is almost finished and it will be released under the label "The End Records", recorded at "Serpent Headed Studios" and "The Sound Lab". The release date is anounced for April 14, 2009.

Guest appearances
Sanders guested on Behemoth's 2004 CD release, Demigod, playing a guitar solo on the track "XUL". He also performed solo at the end of the track "God of Our Own Divinity" by Morbid Angel, on their 2003 album Heretic.