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Morbid Angel


1984-  Trey Azagthoth - guitars, keyboards
1997-2001  Steve Tucker - bass, vocals
› 2003-2004  -//-
› 2015-  -//-
2017-  Scott "Scotty" Fuller - drums
2017-  Dan Vadim Von - guitars
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1984-1985  Dallas Ward - bass, vocals
1984-1986  Mike Browning - drums
1985  Kenny Bamber - vocals
1985-1986  John Ortega - guitar
1985-1992  Richard Brunelle - guitar
1986  Michael Manson - vocals
1986  Sterling Scarborough - bass
1986-1988  Wayne Hartsell - drums
1986-1996  David Vincent - bass, vocals
› 2004-2015  -//-
1988-2013  Pete Sandoval - drums
1993-2002  Erik Rutan - guitars
2008-2015  Thor Anders Myhren - guitars
2013-2015  Tim Yeung - drums
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2011  Tim Yeung - drums
2001-2002  Jared Anderson - bass, vocals
2003-2006  Tony Norman - guitar
2006  Erik Rutan - guitars
2011-2013  Tim Yeung - drums
2023  Charles Koryn - drums
1991  Sterling Scarborough - bass
2003  Karl Sanders - guitars

Latest reviews

When your debut is one of the best metal records ever released, also defining an entire genre, it takes a lot of effort to live up to it through the rest of your career. Morbid Angel have not recorded a death metal album in the last 14 years; they have not recorded a great death metal album in the last 24 years. Kingdoms Disdained is a death metal record through and through. Keep reading to find out if it is great or not.
Review by nikarg ››
More than any other release in recent times, Morbid Angel's Illud Divinum Insanus has polarized our staff members. As anyone familiar with these Floridian death metal forefathers knows, they just came back from a long 8 year absence with a new album...
Review by jupitreas ››
The first tracks of this album are worthwhile enough; people say this might be Morbid Angel's weaker album, the vocalist became powerless (cool thing because that fact marked David Vincent's return) the music is a little uninspired and the songwriting...
Review by Herzebeth ››
One of the most influential bands in Death Metal, Morbid Angel presented their fourth album back in the good old Death Metal days, one of a kind masterpiece if you may, it has the best leads Azagthoth has ever made, groundbreaking music, incredibly crushing...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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