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Tim Yeung


1998-2000 Hate Eternal - drums  
2003-2004 Decrepit Birth - drums  
2006-2011 World Under Blood - drums  
2006-2012 Divine Heresy - drums  
2012- Death Division - drums  
2012 Pestilence - drums  
2013-2015 Morbid Angel - drums  
2014- The Westfield Massacre - drums  
2014-2015 Westfield Massacre - drums  
2016- I Am Morbid - drums  

Studio musician

NA Council Of The Fallen - drums  
2002 Aurora Borealis - drums  
2002 Agiel - drums  
2011 Morbid Angel - drums  

Live musician

2003 Nile - drums  
2003-2007 Vital Remains - drums  
2007 All That Remains - drums  
2009 Vital Remains - drums  
2011-2013 Morbid Angel - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: The Missile
Born on: 27.11.1978
Official website

Tim Yeung was born in Buffalo, NY November 27th 1978. With the inspiration of a song writing mother and artistic father, Tim began playing drums in 1990 at the age of eleven. Within a few short years he was recording demos and playing live shows within the local muisc scene in upstate NY.

He Attended Hochstein School of Music, Rochester, NY in 1995 to study jazz and latin drumming. He got his first big break in 1997 to start the legendary Tampa Fl based death metal band Hate Eternal & in 1999 they released their debut album "Conquering The Throne" on Earache Records. Tim decided to relocate to Los Angeles in early 2005. At NAMM 06 Tim hit 872 bass drum hits in one minute at a World's Fastest Drummer competition, which earned him the Fastest Feet Title for that year.

To date, Tim Yeung has performed and worked with National acts such as All That Remains, Hank Williams III, Nile, Vital Remains and Decrepit Birth. His straddling of the extreme and mainstream is perhaps best reflected in his work with his band Divine Heresy, whose music features elements of extreme death metal as well as more mainstream genres. With his resume of Artists along with musicians he has worked with, Tim has proven to be one of today's greatest metal drummers.