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Cannibal Corpse

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Country: USA
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1988

1988- Death metal
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1988-  Alex Webster - bass
1988-  Paul Mazurkiewicz - drums
1993-1997  Rob Barrett - guitars
› 2005-  -//-
1995-  George Fisher - vocals
2020-  Erik Rutan - guitars
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1988-1993  Bob Rusay - guitars
1989-1995  Chris Barnes - vocals
1989-2004  Jack Owen - guitars
1997-2020  Pat O'Brien - guitars
2004-2005  Jeremy Turner - guitars
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2019  Erik Rutan - guitars
1990-1991  Glen Benton - vocals
2006  Erik Rutan - backing vocals
› 2009  -//- guitars
› 2017  -//- guitar solo, vocals


Latest reviews

I mean, its not like you've provided listeners with fourteen albums' worth of imagination fuel up to this point or anything.
Review by omne metallum ››
The task of writing an original and attention-grabbing review for a new Cannibal Corpse album is almost as hard as trying to make out the sick lyrics Corpsegrinder pours out. Nearly thirty years into their career, the band's sound evolution makes Motörhead look like the pinnacle of variety and diversity. Red Before Black is, as you might have guessed already, the 14th episode in a predictable series of aural horror.
Review by nikarg ››
Ah, Cannibal Corpse. Back again with their familiar death metal embrace, heralded by some killer artwork. Let's dive in and see what lurks underneath the greasepaint.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Wow! What a step forward Cannibal Corpse has made! Synthed orchestras, accordion, even some female operatic segments thrown in! This is clearly the dawn of a new era for this band, reinventing themselves into something far more intricate, dynamic and delicate than we've seen from them - or metal in general - for ages.
Review by Doc G. ››
Well, I've found that Cannibal Corpse is like pop-corn. Yes, pop-corn. You go to the movies and the only thing you know it's going to taste like heaven is pop-corn; pop-corn has that special "you know what" thing that makes everything...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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10.03.2023 NED, Hengelo
11.03.2023 GER, Speyer
12.03.2023 SUI, Lausanne
14.03.2023 FRA, Toulouse
15.03.2023 ESP, Pamplona
16.03.2023 ESP, Madrid
17.03.2023 ESP, Barcelona
18.03.2023 FRA, Lyon
19.03.2023 GER, Stuttgart
21.03.2023 FRA, Rennes
22.03.2023 FRA, Paris
23.03.2023 GER, Cologne
24.03.2023 SUI, Zurich
26.03.2023 HUN, Budapest (2)
28.03.2023 GER, Munich
29.03.2023 AUT, Vienna
30.03.2023 POL, Krakow
31.03.2023 GER, Leipzig
01.04.2023 GER, Coesfeld
02.04.2023 GER, Berlin
04.04.2023 DEN, Copenhagen
05.04.2023 SWE, Stockholm
06.04.2023 NOR, Oslo - Inferno Metal Festival 2023
07.04.2023 SWE, Gothenburg
08.04.2023 DEN, Aarhus
09.04.2023 GER, Hamburg
11.04.2023 GER, Hannover
12.04.2023 NED, Leiden
13.04.2023 BEL, Antwerp (1)
14.04.2023 FRA, Strasbourg
15.04.2023 GER, Geiselwind
16.04.2023 FRA, Lille
18.04.2023 GBR, Bristol
19.04.2023 GBR, Glasgow
21.04.2023 GBR, Manchester
22.04.2023 GBR, London
23.04.2023 GBR, Notthingham
27.05.2023 USA, Baltimore, MD - Hell In The Harbor Festival 2023

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