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Glen Benton


1987- Deicide - bass, vocals  
1987-1989 Amon - bass, vocals  
2003-2009 Vital Remains - vocals  

Guest musician

1990 Napalm Death - backing vocals  
1990-1991 Cannibal Corpse - vocals  
1991 Cancer - backing vocals  
1993 Transmetal - vocals  
2001 FirstBorn - vocals  
2014 Belphegor - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 21.06.1967


Glen Benton is a North American heavy metal musician best known as the frontman of Florida-based death metal band Deicide, although Benton himself does not accept the "death metal" terminology. He is also the studio vocalist for Vital Remains, and has performed live with them on a few occasions. He has also performed guest vocals for other death metal groups, most notably Napalm Death on the song "Unfit Earth" from the album Harmony Corruption and Cannibal Corpse on "A Skull Full of Maggots" from Eaten Back to Life and "Vomit the Soul" from Butchered at Birth. He also appeared on the Roadrunner United 25th anniversary album, performing vocals in the song "Annihilation by the Hands of God".

Benton is known for his Satanic (Adversarion) and anti-Christian beliefs and views of today's corrupt religious systems, and credits an aunt for sparking his interest in the occult at a young age.
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