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Chris Barnes


1989-1995 Cannibal Corpse - vocals  
1993- Six Feet Under - vocals  
2005-2008 Torture Killer - vocals  

Guest musician

1991 Gorguts - vocals  
1992 Assück - vocals  
2013 Torture Killer - vocals  
2014 Cannabis Corpse - vocals  
2014 Monte Pittman - vocals  
2019 Incite - backing vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 29.12.1967

Chris Barnes had started his extreme metal career at the age of 19. Primarily Barnes's first band was a Death/Thrash band called Tirant Sin, which had formed in 1986 in Chris's hometown of Buffalo. During this time period in 1986, Chris was also in yet another New York based Death/Thrash metal band entitled Leviathan who would record a four track demo entitled "Legions of the Undead" in 1987. This demo would one day be available on the 2005 Six Feet Under boxed set entitled "A Decade In The Grave".

During his 2 year career in Tirant Sin, the band recorded 3 demos. When asked in an interview what his favourite Cannibal Corpse album that he worked on was, he commented "I love them all, I really do. I really enjoyed them all," In the same interview when he was asked about his time with the band, he responded "I look back on it with a lot of fond memories. It was pretty much my starting point - it wasn't exactly my starting point, but it was as a professional musician. I think that I really helped bring about a certain style of music, and with that band I really outlined what most people think death metal vocals sound like - I'm part of that. I'm really proud of the imagery, and the lyrical stories that I put together on all those albums. We set out to conquer the world though, and I think we did as far as our corner of the world was concerned."

Barnes left Cannibal Corpse because of personal differences with the rest of the band members.Barnes was then able to devote his full attention to the band Six Feet Under, which had been his side project since 1992. Barnes has commented that he is "very proud of what I've done with them."

"Being booted out of Cannibal Corpse was pretty memorable but in a good way. I didn't feel I was able to write the way I wanted to so it was a good transition for me." There have been some rumors about Barnes returning to Cannibal Corpse, which were denied by Alex Webster: "We have no plans to do anything with Chris Barnes ever again. It's not something any of us are interested in doing." "it's nothing against him, but we prefer to move forward rather than live in the past"

Chris Barnes joined the Finnish death metal band Torture Killer in the fall of 2005. Barnes says he is fully committed to the band, and has appeared on the band's new album "Swarm!", which was released February 24, 2006. He left the band in January 2008. Many critics claim that Chris Barnes ruined the band with his "terrible vocal style" giving the band very poor reviews.