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Country: USA

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Formed in: 1998
Disbanded in: 2006

1998-2006 Gothenburg metal


2000-2006  Steven Sagala - vocals
2000-2006  Steve Stell - guitars
2000-2006  Joe DeGroot - guitars
2000-2006  Eric Kava - bass
2002-2006  David Swanson - drums
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1998-1999  Evets Llets - bass
1998-2002  Patrick O'Keefe - drums, vocals
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2004  Jason Nixon - keyboards
› 2006  -//-
2004  James Franklin Murphy - guitar solo
2006  Dan Erland Swanö - vocals

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Enforsaken is probably one of the only American bands that really know how to play Gothenburg Death without falling into the pit of Metalcore. I'm not saying that Metalcore is bad, of course not, but a lot of bands pretend to do "Melodic Death"...
Review by Jeff ››
Melodic Death Metal, that has to be the most used Genre today, together with Power Metal.
Since it looks like labels what's at least two or three MeloDeath bands signed, to cover up that part of the market.
Here I now got another release in my hand,...
Review by Malcolm ››

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