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Tim Calvert


1990-1997 Forbidden - guitars  
1997-2000 Nevermore - guitars  

Live musician

2001 Forbidden - guitar  

Personal information

Born on: 07.11.1965
Died on: 30.04.2018

Tim Calvert is an American metal guitarist. In the mid 80's he began his career in a thrash metal band called Militia. He then received wide attention throughout the thrash community when he joined Forbidden in 1989, playing on their second album Twisted Into Form, co-writing much of the material, resulting in the albums darker and more progressive sound than it's predecessor, Forbidden Evil.

Calvert played on two more Forbidden albums, Distortion in 1994 and Green in 1997. After the dissolution of Forbidden in the late 90's Calvert was asked to replace Pat O'Brien in the progressive metal band Nevermore. The reason why Nevermore wanted to have Tim as their 2nd guitarist was that they toured together in the early 90's, when lead singer of Nevermore Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard played with Sanctuary. According to an interview with Dane, they were amazed by Calvert's technique and were so happy when Tim accepted their invitation. Calvert joined the band and played on their classic concept album Dreaming Neon Black, released in 1999.

Calvert left Nevermore in 2001. He has since married and pursued a full time, non-musical career as a pilot in Seattle. He did reunite with Forbidden for a performance at Thrash of the Titans in 2001, along with Paul Bostaph, Glen Avalais, Russ Anderson and Matt Camacho.

Tim Calvert is known for his dark, moody style of songwriting created via his frequent usage of dissonant passages and diminished chords. Calvert is a very technically accomplished guitar player who plays in a very neoclassical, heavily theorized style, using arpeggios and sweep-picking. He started guitar lessons with Bob Marshall in Castro Valley and eventually took lessons from Jim Bedford in Hayward Ca for about 10 years. He played Jackson Guitars throughout his entire career.

Forbidden recently reunited. Though Calvert will not be a permanent fixture in Forbidden's reunited lineup, it is expected Calvert will return to play a few shows at least.