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2001-2017  Bart Hennephof - guitars
2001-2017  Stef Broks - drums
2007-2017  Remko Tielemans - bass
2010-2017  Daniël de Jongh - vocals
2010-2017  Uri Dijk - keyboards
2013-2017  Joe Tal - guitars
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2001-2004  Pieter Verpaalen - vocals
2001-2007  Dennis Aarts - bass
2001-2010  Richard Rietdijk - keyboards
2001-2013  Jochem Jacobs - guitars, vocals
2004-2010  Eric Kalsbeek - vocals
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2016  Robin Zielhorst - bass

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The way I see it, there are two variants of math metal. There's the relatively subdued kind that's easily deciphered within a few listens and compatible with headbanging. Then there's the kind that always seems to purposely go out of the way to seem random and continues to feel that way irrespective of the number of times you spin it. Textures is a band very familiar with walking that fine line. With their latest release, Phenotype, they have decided to put their fans' numeracy to the test.
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Two years ago Textures released Drawing Circles, an album that became an immediate favourite amongst fans of intelligent extreme music due to its convoluted rhythmic structures and transcendental, elevating atmospheric interludes. With a sophomore effort...
Review by jupitreas ››

This three letter word really sums up my impression of Textures's latest album Drawing Circles. I'm completely in awe of how fantastic this release is and I totally recommend it to anyone who is reading this review.

Textures is a Dutch...
Review by jupitreas ››

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