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Robin Zielhorst


2006-2016 Exivious - bass  
2008-2010 Cynic - bass  
2012-2016 Mourn (NLD) - bass  
2013- Our Oceans - bass  
2016- OneGodLess - bass  
2019- Crown Compass - bass  

Studio musician

2017 Ne Obliviscaris - bass  

Live musician

2008 Cynic - bass  
2016 Textures - bass  

Personal information

Born on: 13.08.1982
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Born in Breda, Holland on August 13th of 1982, Robin Zielhorst started playing the piano at the age of 6. Having studied classical music for 7 years, Robin wanted to switch to bass to play in bands, making the music he listened to. Soon he joined the High School Big Band, and played every musical performed on school. In the meanwhile, he also founded his first band, the Cynic/Death-inspired metal band Refrain.

After studying the bass on his own for over 5 years, it was time to take it to the next level. In his final high school year, Robin took some last-moment lessons to update his theoretical and hearing skills to get into the Rock Academy conservatory in Tilburg, Holland. Studying there opened his mind to more musical views then the metal music he had focused on all those years. Being steps ahead of his fellow students, he was automatically drawn to like-minded people. He soon was asked to join a Dream Theater-tribute band, with which he started writing own songs in the Progressive Metalband In-Tension. He then after joined the progressive rock band Emerald.

After graduating the Rock Academy in 2004, Robin did studio-jobs, recording for local artists in the Dutch pop scene, doing gigs and recordings with his bands, and joining new projects. In October 2006 Robin entered the world of Blue Man Group, bending his mind to new musical territories on the Zither. After Blue Man Group Amsterdam closed down, Robin focused on his project Exivious, featuring Michel Nienhuis (co-graduate Rock Academy), Tymon Kruidenier (Student at the Utrecht Conservatory) and Textures drummer Stef Broks. Their debut album was released in May 2009. During this period, Robin also got his dream job as Cynic’s new bass player.