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Janne Tolsa


1986- Warmath - keyboards  
1988- Tarot - keyboards  
2001-2003 Virtuocity - keyboards  
2003- Turmion Kätilöt - keyboards  
2005- Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - keyboards  
2007- Marenne - keyboards  
2012-2013 Lazy Bonez - keyboards  

Guest musician

2005 Deathchain - keyboards  
2013 A2Z - keyboards  

Personal information

Also known as: RunQ
Born on: 07.03.1970

Janne Tolsa (Born March 7, 1970) is a Finnish heavy metal musician. Known for his keyboard work in Tarot from the late 1980's, Tolsa also takes part in the melodic death metal band Eternal Tears of Sorrow, which he joined in 2005 for their latest album, Before the Bleeding Sun, as well as the industrial metal band Turmion Kätilöt (under the alias RunQ). Tolsa is also known to work as a composer for television. Janne Tolsa plays keyboards in Marenne Band and is one of the composers in the band's debut album The Past Prelude.

His main keyboards are a KORG Triton and a KORG CX-3, but he also uses Ensoniq and Proteus keyboards and a Hammond B-100

In addition, he is the owner of the Kuopio-based studio, Note-On in which bands such as Tarot and Eternal Tears of Sorrow have been partly or completely recorded many of their albums.