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Country: Finland
Label: Svart Records

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Formed in: 2001

2001- Death metal
2001-2006 Thrash metal


1997-  Thomas - guitars
2001-  Juha Harju - bass
2001-  Kassara - drums
2006-  K.J. Khaos - vocals
2007-  Cult From Hell - guitars
2010-  C. Void - backing vocals
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1997-2001  Telaketju - drums
1997-2001  Possessed Keripukki - bass
2001-2007  Miikka Närhi - guitars
2002-2006  Tommi Virranta - vocals
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2003-2010  Antti Boman - backing vocals
2013  L-G Petrov - vocals

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Deathchain comes from Finland and plays an aggressive mix of Death and Thrash Metal. Ho, evidently don't expect something in the vein of the "Bay Area" scene, our guys are Finnish and like all the bands from this country, they have this...   Review by Jeff ››
Until now, it has been a fantastic year in metal, a lot of good releases and some surprises too, one of this surprises comes from the land of the thousand lakes, Finland.
When I received the promo copy of Deathchain debut album I was expecting a typical...   Review by Undercraft ››

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