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Dawn Of Solace


2006-  Tuomas Saukkonen - all instruments, vocals
2019-  Mikko Heikkilä - vocals
2006  Lars Eikind - vocals
2006  Jukka Salovaara - vocals, guitar solo
2020  Saku Moilanen - keyboards, piano
2020  Lars Eikind - vocals
2020  Jukka Salovaara - guitars
2020  Danny Tunker - guitar solo


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Tuomas Saukkonen shocked the world seven years ago when he disbanded all of his projects to focus solely on Wolfheart. But somehow we now have a new Dawn Of Solace, so that was a fucking lie.
Review by RaduP ››
"The Darkness" is the first album of Dawn Of Solace one of the side projects of Tuomas Saukkonen (Before The Dawn). Between Doom Metal and Gothic, this album is a lovely piece of melancholic music and I really think that all the Metalheads who...
Review by Jeff ››

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