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Mikael Åkerfeldt


1990- Opeth - vocals, guitars  
1998-2003 Bloodbath - vocals  
2008-2012 Bloodbath - vocals  
2011- Storm Corrosion - guitars, vocals  
2022- Mikael Åkerfeldt - guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals  

Studio musician

1996-1997 Katatonia - vocals  
1998 Katatonia - backing vocals  

Live musician

1993-1994 Katatonia - guitars  

Guest musician

1996 Edge Of Sanity - vocals, guitars  
2001 Soilwork - vocals  
2002 Horrified - vocals  
2004 Ayreon - vocals  
2005 Porcupine Tree - guitars, vocals  
2007 Candlemass - vocals  
2007 Dream Theater - spoken word  
2008 Ihsahn - vocals  
2009 OSI - vocals  
2011 Devin Townsend - vocals  
2018 Ghost - acoustic guitars  


02.10.2003 Opeth

Personal information

Born on: 17.04.1974

Mikael Åkerfeldt was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Mikael was the vocalist for Eruption, a death metal band which he formed in 1988. After Eruption came to an end in 1990, Mikael joined Opeth, ostensibly as a bassist. When vocalist David Isberg insisted Åkerfeldt join the band, all other members left. David assumed guitar duties, and when David left Opeth two years later, Mikael replaced him as a vocalist.

Åkerfeldt is a collector of obscure 1970s rock and heavy metal albums. He also tends to show his influence from these obscure bands, making reference to them in titles of songs like Blackwater Park and Master's Apprentices.

On August 15, 2003, Mikael Åkerfeldt married his longtime girlfriend Anna. On September 13, 2004, Anna gave birth to a daughter whom they named Melinda, after the character in the concept album Still Life.

Name: Lars Mikael Akerfeldt

Instrument: Voice, guitar

Birth date: April 17, 1974

Lives in: Stockholm/Sweden

Status: Married

Family: My wife Anna and my two daughters, Melinda & Mirjam, and 3 cats

Equipment: PRS guitars, Laney amps, D'addario strings, Dunlop picks, Seymor Duncan pickups

Previous/other bands or projects: Bloodbath, Eruption, Sorskogen


Influences: Obscure prog/psych, singer songwriters, metal and jazz and Ritchie Blackmore

Drinks: Corona, Diet Coke, dry Red Wine, Water and European Coffee

Eats: Esparagus, Italian, Greek, Swedish cousine and everything else

Favourite Opeth song: The lotus eater (right now)

Playlist May 2008:
Vangelis - Earth
Univers Zero - Ceux du dehors
Jan Johansson - Jazz pa Svenska (eternal playlist)
Colosseum - Daughter in time
Bill Withers - Just as I am
Jon Lucien - Rashida
Joni Mitchell - Blue
Warning - Same
Black Sabbath - Born again
Accept - I'm a rebel