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1997-  Sammy Pierre Duet - guitars, vocals
2000-  Ben Falgoust - vocals
2005-  Zack Simmons - drums
2021-  Trans Am - bass
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1997-2002  Ben Stout - guitars
1997-2004  Patrick Bruders - bass
1997-2004  Zak Nolan - drums
2002-2003  Tim Holsinger - guitars
2004-2009  Nathan Bergeron - bass
2009-2021  James Harvey - bass
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2014-2021  Trans Am - bass
2012  Erik Rutan - guitars

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Hark the angels sing.
Review by omne metallum ››
Goatwhore is that scuzzy childhood friend. He's a little predictable, and sure, maybe he's the type of person who would put his own mother in a chokehold for a klondike bar, but he's dependable. In need of a thorough shower or not, he always knows how to show you a good time.
Review by Doc G. ››
Goatwhore are another one of those bread-n-butter type bands. Take some great riffs, furious vocals, then let them loose at top speed. When it's done wrong, it's boring as shit. When it's done right - like Blood For The Master, it's just pure, angry fun.
Review by Doc G. ››

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