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Toxic Holocaust


1999-2008  Joel Grind - bass, drums, guitars, vocals
› 2008-  -//- guitars, vocals
2018-  Tyler Becker - drums
2018-  Eric Eisenhauer - guitars
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2008-2009  Al Chambers - drums
2008-2015  Philthy Gnaast - bass
2009-2018  Nick Bellmore - drums
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2008  Donny Paycheck - drums
2006  Whipstriker - bass
2006  Steve Kuhr - bass
2006  Hugo Golon - drums
2006  Sebastian Engelhardt - drums
2006  Jamie Walters - bass
2005  Bobby Steele - guitars


2006 Reaper's Grave [EP] 5.5
2009 Gravelord [EP]

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Toxic Holocaust has a formula that they stick to with each of their releases. It's a simple and familiar one for thrash, really; they play as viciously as possible to a) melt your face, b) get you to willingly snap your neck, and then c) shit metal...
Review by wormdrink414 ››
Joel Grind, lay off the crack. Actually, do more. I don't know, does crack inspire you to make music like this? Well, whatever he's been dosing himself with, I say he needs to continue doing it. This is pretty vicious. Pretty really vicious.
Review by Doc G. ››

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