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Nuclear Assault


1984-  Dan Lilker - bass
1984-  John Connelly - guitars, vocals
1985-  Glenn Evans - drums
2013-  Erik Burke - guitars
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1984-1985  Scott Duboys - drums
1984-1985  Mike Bogush - guitars
1985-1991  Anthony Bramante - guitars
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1992  David "Dave" Spitz - bass
1992  Karl Cochrane - guitars
1993  Dave DiPietro - guitars
1993  Scott Metaxas - bass
2002-2004  Eric Burke - guitars
2005-2013  Scott Harrington - guitars
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2016-  Nicholas Barker - drums
1993  Steve Hunter - guitars
2005  Eric Burke - guitars
2005  Eric Paone - vocals
2005  Travis Horton - vocals, banjo

Latest reviews

Some things should just stay dead. As any zombie aficionado will tell you, things that crawl out of graves seldom come out better or equal to their living versions. Dan Lilker and co. should've taken some time to consider this premise before reanimating Nuclear Assault and coming up with the abomination that is Third World Genocide.
Review by deadone ››
Out went Lilker and Bramante with the crossover leanings, and in came DiPietro, Metaxas with a slow groove sound. Something Wicked is the last Nuclear Assault album before they called it a day for the first time. While nowhere near the level established by the likes of Handle With Care, Something Wicked does have some good moments within its sonic walls.
Review by omne metallum ››
Rounding out Nuclear Assault's run of classic albums is Handle With Care, the most refined offering yet, but don't let that description fool you; this album is still as raw and raucous as what came before it. Featuring yet another glut of crossover-tinged...
Review by omne metallum ››

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