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Also known as Virgin Killer ('80), Over Kill

Country: USA
Labels: E1 Music
Nuclear Blast Records

Links: Official Website

Formed in: 1980

1980- Thrash metal


1980-  D.D. Verni - bass, backing vocals
1980-  Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - vocals
2000-  Dave Linsk - guitars
2000-  Derek Tailer - guitars, backing vocals
2017-  Jason Bittner - drums
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1980-1981  Dan Spitz - guitars
1980-1983  Robert Pisarek - guitar
1980-1987  Rat Skates - drums
1981  Anthony Ammendolo - guitar
1981  Rich Conte - guitar
1981-1982  Mike Sherry - guitar
1981-1990  Bobby Gustafson - guitars
1987  Mark Archibole - drums
1987-1992  Sid Falck - drums
1990-1995  Rob Cannavino - guitars
1990-1995  Merritt Gant - guitars
1992-2005  Tim Mallare - drums
1995-1999  Joseph "Joe" Comeau - guitars
1995-2000  Sebastian Marino - guitars
2005-2017  Ron Lipnicki - drums
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2004  Mike Portnoy - drums
2016-2017  Eddy Garcia - drums
2022  Phil Demmel - guitars
2007  Randy Blythe - vocals
2014  Mark Alan Tornillo - backing vocals
2014  Michael James Romeo - orchestrations
2019  Ron Lipnicki - drums


1984 Overkill [EP] 8.5
1987 !!!Fuck You!!! [EP] 8
1992 Live To The Core [EP] 8.5
1983 Power In Black [Demo] 7.9
1984 Feel The Fire [Demo] 8
1986 US Speed Metal Attack [Split] 9.4
1988 Hello From The Gutter [Single] 8
1990 Live 'Kill [Single] 7
1991 Videoscope [DVD]
1992 Infectious [Single] 7
1993 I Hear Black [Single] 6
1993 Spiritual Void [Single] 6
1994 Fast Junkie [Single] 6
1995 Wrecking Your Neck [Live] 8.6
1995 10 Years Of Pure Metal [Single] 8
1996 Fuck You And Then Some [Compilation] 7.6
1997 The Rip 'N Tear [Single] 7
1997 A Tribute To Judas Priest: Legends Of Metal [VA] 7.7
1999 Coverkill [Compilation] 7.1
2000 Promotional Radio Sampler [Split] 8
2001 Twisted Forever: A Tribute To The Legendary Twisted Sister [VA] 6
2002 Wrecking Everything [Live] 8.2
2002 Wrecking Everything [DVD] 8.7
2002 Hello From The Gutter (The Best Of Overkill) [Compilation] 7.7
2002 Extended Versions [Live] 9
2002 Then And Now [Compilation]
2003 Creatures Of The Night - A Tribute To Kiss [VA] 7
2005 Devil By The Tail [Compilation] 9.5
2008 Live At Wacken Open Air 2007 [DVD] 8.8
2008 Gigantour 2 [DVD] 8.3
2010 Bring Me The Night [Single]
2010 Ironbound [Single]
2010 E1 Metal Face Off 2010 [VA]
2012 Electric Rattlesnake [Single] 7.5
2012 Wish You Were Dead [Single] 5.5
2013 Live From Oz [Live] 8
2015 Historikill: 1995-2007 [Boxset] 9
2017 Man In Black / Warrior Heart [Split]
2018 Live In Overhausen [Live] 8.6
2018 Live In Overhausen [DVD]
2018 Last Man Standing [Compilation] 5
2021 The Atlantic Years 1986-1994 [Boxset] 9

Latest reviews

I can hardly believe that it's been exactly 30 years since I first listened to Overkill and their absolute masterpiece The Years Of Decay. What is even harder to believe is that these dirty old thrashers absolutely refuse to slow down and let up after so many years.
Review by nikarg ››
Overkill is back! In fact this is the 18th album in a career that is now nearing four decades, meaning that this band has been around for more years than most of the people reading this review have been walking on this planet. The New Jersey thrashers made an impressive comeback in 2010 with Ironbound and since then they have sworn to leave us speechless every time they put out something new. The band is clearly going through its second prime and The Grinding Wheel is here to prove it.
Review by nikarg ››
Pyromania is a serious condition and suffice to say, Overkill know their way around a thrash flint. Within the modern state of the genre where there's smoke, there's a bunch of seniors laying waste to their youthful contemporaries with ridiculous ease and an undying delight for incineration. These veterans always go in blazing.
Review by R'Vannith ››
This is a year when old masters show us how it's done. First, in the death metal enclave, Asphyx showed us how real death metal is supposed to sound, and now it's time for the somehow stale thrash pond full of seemingly fresh fish who stink...
Review by Daniell ››
The driving force behind keeping a band going for thirty years is commendable, let alone when Ironbound is both album fifteen and arguably the most solid album the band has put to their name.

That's right, Overkill make their return with a whole...
Review by Baz Anderson ››
Today we will talk about the second opus of the Megadeth Gigantour. Recorded in 2006, this DVD features all the bands which have played with Megadeth during this amazing world tour. The DVD is not perfect and I will let you know why later but all in all...
Review by Jeff ››

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