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Christian Olde Wolbers


1992 Asphyxia - guitars  
1993-2002 Fear Factory - bass  
2002-2009 Fear Factory - guitars  
2008- Arkaea - guitar  
2020- Vio-lence - bass  

Studio musician

1998 Devin Townsend - bass  
2018 Isolated Antagonist - bass  
2018 Mordzuma - bass  

Live musician

2016 Threat Signal - bass  

Guest musician

1998 Soulfly - guitars, bass  
1998 A.N.I.M.A.L. - contrabass  
1999 Biohazard - bass  
2006 Threat Signal - keyboards  
2009 God Forbid - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 05.08.1973


Christian Olde Wolbers (born August 5, 1973 in Antwerp, Belgium) was the one of the many bassists of the industrial metal band Fear Factory from December 1993 to 2002 when the group disbanded. Since the group reformed in 2003, Christian has switched to guitar, replacing ex guitarist Dino Cazares (Byron Stroud of Strapping Young Lad fame filled the empty bass position). In addition to his role as bass player he handled "extra sound bites" and "transforming cuts" on the groups Digimortal album. He is talented at many other instruments including keyboard, turntables and upright bass. He is also a remixer and "beat maker" working under the name "The Edgecrusher" (taken from the title of a Fear Factory song of the same name).

Wolbers did not come to North America until 1993, after being in college in 1990/1991. He joined Fear Factory in December 1993 after former bassist Andrew Shives was asked to leave the group. He met the band in Los Angeles, California through Bobby Hambel of Biohazard in Dec of 93' at a club being asked by Burton C Bell if he knew how to triple pick, before finally joining and creating the now "classic" Fear Factory line-up. Christian's recorded outputs with the band were on three albums, Demanufacture (1995), Obsolete (1998) and Digimortal (2001). In July 2005, Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws reported that Olde Wolbers was in a relationship with singer Karen Damen of the Belgian group K3. In 2006, he helped with the production and mixing of danish/french metal band Mnemic's third album Passenger. He has also produced Bleed the Sky's Murder the Dance. Also in 2006 he produced Canadian band Threat Signal's debut album Under Reprisal. He has filled in as live guitarist for Korn on their European tour only for the three first shows.