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Jason Bittner


1990- Burning Human - drums  
1996-1997 Crisis - drums  
1997-2015 Stigmata (USA) - drums  
1998-1999 Ever Dark - drums  
2001- Shadows Fall - drums  
2013-2014 Toxik - drums  
2014-2017 Flotsam And Jetsam - drums  
2017- Overkill - drums  

Studio musician

2011 Marty Friedman - drums  
2015 Kyrie Ellison - drums  

Live musician

2012 Anthrax - drums  
2022 Prong - drums  

Guest musician

2016 Within The Fire - drums  
2017 Caelestia - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 11.01.1970

Jason Bittner (born January 11, 1970 in Colonie, New York) is a Drummer who played in the hardcore band Stigmata and death metal band Burning Human from Troy, New York in the 90's before joining Shadows Fall in the early 2000's. Stigmata reunited for two shows in 2005. The first show was on Black Friday at Saratoga Winners (R.I.P.) in Cohoes, New York. The second show was New Years Eve 2005 at The Hudson Duster (R.I.P.) in Troy, New York - their hometown. Burning Human have reunited and they are releasing there first full length CD in early 2008.

Jason filled in for Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante at two California gigs in 2006, as Benante was taking a break to be with his wife after she gave birth to their first baby.

Early in his drumming career, Bittner played with several Albany area Metal bands, including Suspended Animation and Fear Itself.

Suspended Animation were an original thrash metal band featuring Tony Andi (vocals), Nick Costa (lead vocals), Scott Talmon (bass) and Jason. They recorded a few demo tapes between 1990 and 1991. Their music was a mixture of thrash and progressive metal influences, but Andi's vocals bore an uncanny resemblance to Overkill's Bobby "The Blitz" Ellsworth. They disbanded during the spring of 1991 following an appearance for the Albany Music Expo.

Fear Itself was assembled from the ashes of Suspended Animation during the summer of 1991. Jason and bassist Scott Talmon began writing and recording demos with ex-Blacksmith vocalist Malcolm Mania (Lovegrove) that were in a heavier, more speed metal oriented direction. They recruited guitarist Rob Dwyer to complete the lineup and played their debut show at the Damage Fest in North Petersburg, NY on 8/31/91 as "Vicious Nature" (as the band did not yet have a name). Their 5-song demo tape was completed in October 1991. This lineup performed one headlining show at Saratoga Winners in Latham, NY on 12/13/91 to promote their demo and disbanded shortly thereafter.

During the early to mid-90's, Jason played with several other local bands, including Symptom Hate, Stigmata and China White. He also performed with NYC based Crisis in 1997, who were on Metal Blade records at the time.

He played in the 2005 Modern Drummer Festival with other drummers like Chris Adler.

Recently he was voted the #1 drummer in the "Metal" category in the July edition of Modern Drummer magazine's 2006 Readers' Poll.